July 11th Workout

Please complete the circuit 2x through.

Pick a weight that is manageable for you and you feel like you are working pretty hard by the last few reps. Remember to consult with your physician before beginning any new fitness routines.

Side crunches x 20 per side
(Drop knees to one side, hands behind your head, crunch up)

Narrow stance push up x 10
(Hands right under your shoulders, elbows track back by your sides)

Opposite elbow to knee x 20 per side
(Laying on your back, cross one ankle over the opposite knee, hands behind your head, opposite elbow to knee crunch)

Wide stance push up x10
(Hands as wide as possible)

Side plank w/hip dip x 15 per side
(On your elbow in a side plank position, drop your hip towards the ground and back up)

Staggered hand Push up x 5 per hand
(Starting with one hand under the shoulder, the other out wide and in front of the body. Switch hands after each push up)

Sprint x 20 seconds

Squat w/shoulder press x 20 w/5-20lbs
(Squat w/feet relatively close together, as you stand up, press arms straight up)

Tricep Kick backs x20 w/5-15lbs per hand
(Bent forward at the waist, bring elbows up by your sides, moving only from the elbow, extend your arms backwards)

Walking Lunges x12 per leg w/0-20lbs per hand
(Holding weight in both hands)

Hammer bicep curls x20 w/5-20lbs per hand
(Hands in a neutral position with palms facing one another, remember to lower down slowly)

Mountain Climbers x 15 per leg
(Starting in a push up position, bring one foot forward, jump up and switch feet so that the other foot is forward)

Tricep Skull crushers x 30 w/5-15lbs
(Standing tall, with weight overhead, lower it back behind your head, keeping elbows facing forward)

Sprint x 20 seconds

Rest 2-3 minutes