Let's face the facts.

Most of us would like to be more active in our daily lives. Whether you’re a fitness buff or simply trying to create a healthy routine, work constraints and family obligations can leave you feeling lethargic, overrun, and irritable.

Believe it or not, changing the way you feed your body can greatly simplify your daily routine, provide you with more energy, give you more mental clarity, and increase your ability to be active.  In addition, learning to eat the right foods can boost your creativity and mental clarity. After all, we’re only as productive as our bodies and brains will allow us to be.


Understand Your Metabolism

Learn how to calculate your energy expenditure and ideal energy intake

Determine your metabolic setpoint

Understand the difference between carbohydrates, fats and protein

Should you eat high carb? Low carb? No carb? Vegetarian? Vegan? Why is it so confusing?


High Energy Nutrition for an Active Lifestyle

Learn how to create an effective nutrition and exercise plan for an active lifestyle

Learn how to eat for optimal athletic recovery

Learn how to avoid food comas

Discover foods that promote optimal brain function

High Energy Nutrition for the Workplace

Practical strategies for ensuring healthy options at work

Strategies for excellent nutrition while traveling

How to eat healthily when entertaining clients

Making Tupperware your best friend: strategies for food transport to and from work

By eating this way I feel significantly better in many ways. I have much more energy, I weigh less, my clothes fit well, and my ability to exercise is much improved. My physical energy and ability to do things has definitely improved for the better.

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