Andre Cole

Dance Fit Fusion, TRX Bootcamp, Flex & Stretch, 20-20-20

André is a Bay Area-based performing artist and fitness enthusiast, working as an improv dancer, choreographer, drummer, youth dance educator and personal and group fitness coach. His dance style is a unique blend of hip hop street styles, modern, contemporary, and afro-centric movement techniques. He has danced and played drums since the age of 3, teaching himself moves from the likes of Michael Jackson and Usher, while growing up listening to an eclectic variety of music.


André began formally training at the age of 14 in ballet, modern and jazz dance at Oakland School for the Arts. Upon graduating in 2007 he moved to New York City to study dance and psychology at the New School University: Eugene Lang College. He graduated with a B.A. in 2011, beginning his professional career as a performer in shows including, ‘West Side Story,’ ‘Dapline,’ and ‘Fuerza Bruta:Wayra.’ While performing, he taught youth and adult hip hop dance, creative movement classes and personal fitness.

André’s love for dance has inspired him to pursue a professional path of dynamic, holistic fitness training that utilizes various free-body weight movement practices to rehabilitate, stretch, strengthen, engage and unlock the body’s full potential. André always integrates exercises from dance, yoga, pilates and weight lifting for a unique full body workout.

André continues to perform and teach dance, fitness, TRX and other methods of personal and group training to all ages around the Bay Area. 

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Truve practitioners love giving back to the community, and Andre teaches a free Community Flex & Stretch class Wednesdays at 4pm.





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