At Truve, we believe that achieving optimal results means working hard, and then recovering just as hard. Whether you’re looking to enhance athletic performance, reduce signs of aging, purify and cleanse, or simply relax, you’ll find it here. All of our services are delivered by highly skilled massage therapists, Reiki practitioners, and estheticians in an environment designed for the ultimate in relaxation and rejuvenation.

Massage Therapy     60 - 120 min.    $80 - $160

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to therapeutically target chronic tension and limited range of motion. Moderate to deep pressure is used to help alleviate pain, loosen the muscle tissues, and reduce stress.

Relaxation Massage is a classic Swedish massage that eases muscle tension, stimulates the skin, and soothes the nervous system, resulting in many health benefits.

Prenatal Massage is a perfect treatment for the mother-to-be. This gentle massage provides relaxation, reduces neck and back tension, relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, and helps to reduce edema (swelling).

Reiki     40 - 60 min.    $65 - $85

An alternative healing method that can help with a range of issues: stress reductions, pain relief, headaches, stomach upset, back problems, asthma, PMT, menstrual problems, sinus problems, anxiety, and more. Reiki is an energy-balancing treatment that improves the body's flow of Chi, clearing stagnant energy and realigning the body's natural healing system. There is no pressure on the body, making it ideal for treating all ages and conditions. Receiving Reiki is a very relaxing and soothing experience!  


Facials        30 min. $50             60 min. $100

Signature Le Mieux facial for all skin types, men and women

Gluten-free facial using natural ingredients

Invigorating back treatment for clarifying and detoxing skin

Gentle enzyme peel - see a difference in just 15 minutes

Oncology-safe facials for cancer patients and survivors

Sensitive skin facials - safe and gentle for men and women

Relaxation + Special Treats        30 min.     $25+ 

Collagen eye treatment for anti-aging and hydration of the eye area $25

Hand "facial" and massage for dry, stressed, hard-working hands $35

Foot "facial" and massage to refresh and relieve dry, tired, achy feet $55

Peppermint neck and scalp massage to eliminate tension and stress $25

Lavender migraine buster takes the edge off of tough migraines $25


Truve Wellness Spa Policies

We cannot guarantee same-day appointments; please call to schedule or book online at least 24 hours in advance. If you opt out from receiving our emails, you will not receive your receipts and confirmations. (We kindly recommend that you stay opted in.)  All treatments missed or canceled within a 24-hour period will be charged 100% of the treatment fee.

Late arrivals: in order for us to provide the best customer service experience to all of our clients at Truve, all appointments will finish on time.

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