Amina Soubra


Amina is a certified yoga teacher with over 14 years of yoga practice & 25+ years in ballet/jazz/modern dance & training expertise in the art of movement. Amina was a member of Oakland's New Style Motherlode dance company(2002-2006) mixing hip hop/jazz, ballet and modern dance, while studying dance at Laney College and SF State University Theatre/Dance dept. She studied under Madame Korotaeva and Madame Lobanova at City Ballet SF and Academy of Classical Ballet Vaganova in Oakland (1997-2002). She directed and choreographed regional cheer and dance competitions at San Leandro High School (2003-2005) 

Amina is also a RN practicing holistic and home health nursing. Her passion in yoga instruction began when she lead a group of patients in meditation and yoga to improve healthy aging for seniors in community health. Amina's teaching style fuses her extensive background in dance with a keen understanding and awareness of anatomy and safe body alignment.

Her yoga practice contributes specialized emphasis on detoxifying the body, building core strength, and promoting positive body image. Amina is actively involved in the Laurel and Dimond community, where she currently teaches community yoga at the Oakland Dimond Library. She also teaches community yoga at Lake Merritt, therapeutic yoga for mental health/eating disorders and chronic conditions, corporate and hospital employee wellness, teacher wellness at Castlemont High School and Alameda Coast Guard Island. She teaches a variety of classes including restorative, yin, bhakti, nidra, hatha, all level vinyasa, hip hop yoga, and mindful meditation. 

As an advocate for healthy body image, holistic health and wellness, she teaches yoga as a way to promote courage, confidence and holistic self-care.

Amina’s fascinated with the transformative potential of the mind-body-spirit through yoga, dance, mindfulness, and self-awareness and I’m passionate about sharing these tools with you. Amina works with all levels, primarily with community, urban youth and individuals living with chronic conditions such as Type II Diabetes, Hypertension, back pain, chronic pain, trauma, PTSD, anxiety, eating disorders or clinical depression. All people deserve to feel at home in their bodies, free from pain, and free to live the life of their dreams. Yoga, nutrition and mindful living offer a path towards that freedom, and Amina’s humbled and honored to walk with you…

As the words of Jalal ad-Din Rumi once whispered to earth soil, “The joy of being human is uncovering the core we already are, the treasure buried in the ruin”.

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