Nicolette is passionate about helping the working professional manage stress, relieve tension, and find fun and easy ways to feel great in their bodies so they can live their best life. She does this via a combination of yoga, massage therapy, corrective exercise, and health coaching. Nicolette strives to create a safe, playful, and effective environment, and is dedicated to supporting you in reaching your fitness and wellness goals.

Nicolette took her first yoga class as a student at UC Berkeley in 1999; she fell in love with the way yoga grounded and rejuvenated her. She completed her BA in sociology, and went on to work as a community outreach manager for a homeless shelter before completing her MA in sociology, focusing on social change. Nicolette loves connecting with people of all backgrounds in striving to help fight inequality; she works to meet individuals where they are at on their personal journey, while bringing compassion and heart to her work.

After working for busy non-profits and city government for over five years, she left the stress behind and became acupressure- and Reiki-certified. She then completed her 200-hour certification in Sampoorna Hatha Yoga with Sri Yogi Hari of the Sivananda lineage.

Nicolette has completed her Yoga Tune Up® Teacher's Training, learning techniques and exercises to increase body awareness, blast bodily blind spots, and relieve pain/increase performance and mobility on and off the mat. She is also a certified massage practitioner specializing in Asian bodywork styles, which she integrates with her acupressure and Reiki work.

She is excited to be one of the resident yoga instructors at Annie's Homegrown natural foods. Nicolette also teaches yoga on campus and at local companies for her alma mater, UC Berkeley. Cal invited her to become a health coach for their WorkFit Program, where Nicolette meets one-on-one with faculty and staff embarking on a 12-week program that helps produce lasting positive change with nutrition, movement, sleep, and stress management. Last February, Nicolette set out upon a challenging journey of self-discovery via a ten-day silent Vipassana meditation. It was a beautiful, intense connection with one's self and the amazing women with whom she shared the journey.

Nicolette can often be found hiking with her husband, reading, eating, and exploring when she is not at Truve. Her latest challenge is to incorporate ways to get more cardio and strength training; she recently discovered TRX and is a huge fan.