Born and raised in Cuba, Leyder has been an athlete and sports fanatic his entire life. From baseball, to judo, to track and field, Leyder found his true passion in basketball at age fifteen. After years of practice, training, and dedication, Leyder landed himself a spot on the Cuban National Basketball Team in 2000. While playing on the Cuban National Basketball Team, Leyder also graduated from ISCF (Institute Superior of Physical Culture) with a master's degree in sports and physical education.

In 2001, the Cuban National Basketball Team was headed to the Good World Games in Australia, but had a layover in Los Angeles. Leyder defected at LAX, and made his way to the Bay Area; he's been working in the fitness industry here since 2001. He teaches an array of group exercise classes from body conditioning and kickboxing to salsa aerobics. Leyder is also a certified personal trainer, and has worked with professional athletes, youth, seniors, and everyone in between. Leyder works one-on-one with his clients, and he also runs a number of fitness boot camps around the Bay Area.