"Yoga literally saved my life"  Karen has been a practitioner of ashtanga vinyasa yoga and an attorney for over 15 years.  She knew she would never have developed a life/work balance in the legal profession if she had never discovered yoga.   Yoga has strengthened her mind, body and spirit to allow her the personal freedom to pursue her many passions outside of law.  She is a dancer at heart and has embraced ballet, tap, jazz, African, modern, salsa, and samba dance forms throughout the years.  She is a long-distance runner.  She has completed  three half marathons and one full marathon since 2011.  She finds the meditative aspects of breathing during running and yoga are really quite similar.  Yoga has assisted her in pursuing all her life's passions because yoga is a catalyst to living life fully and with an open heart.  For Karen, every yoga practice is an opportunity to be in the present moment of infinite possibility and true self awareness.  It is a time to remember what truly brings us joy.  Karen is excited to share the knowledge and benefits she has gained on during her yoga adventure with the Truve community.