Helio began Capoeira with his uncle under a big mango tree in Salvador Bahía, Brazil, when he was maybe five years old. When he was ready to begin a formal education in Capoeira, Helio went into the Capoeira Kilombolas School, which unfortunately cost his family seven cruzeiros per month (about $2 U.S.), an amount that he couldn’t afford. So he paid only the first month, and then found ways to never pay again. His determination to practice this art in the face of extreme poverty earned him a scholarship at the first Capoeira regional academy in the world, Associaco de Capoeira Mestre Bimba in Salvador, Brazil. There, Helio became part of a dedicated community of Capoeiristas who influenced his life in a positive manner, and was given the nickname "Professor Sereno."  

Now Sereno teaches at Truve, and he also travels to Canada once a year to teach workshops. On Sundays, he teaches Capoeira to all ages at Ohlone Park in Berkeley.

Who should take Capoeira? All people! It’s an extremely healthy, intensive full-body workout that improves agility, strength, flexibility, and precision.