Fernando Montes

Fernando is a personal trainer and Bodybuilding competitor. Fernando served in the armed forces as a law enforcement officer and gained over 9 years of experience in law enforcement and in fitness training. Fernando trained all branches of service all around the world and developed group and personal exercise regiments to satisfy the needs of the service. When detaching from the armed services Fernando became a Men's Physique Bodybuilder competitor and competed in Hawaii, Northern and Southern California. Fernando specializes in strength training, conditioning, toning, law enforcement training and competitor bodybuilding prep. Fernando's prime goals are to ensure clients feel good and confident to start a new journey with their fitness goals or even pursue a higher level of fitness. Whatever your goals are its important to stay consistent with it, and with Fernando you will be able to do so. Let's be part of an exciting team and let's stay powered up all year around!


Truve practitioners love giving back to the community, and Fernando offers a free Community Kettlebell HIIT class Saturdays at 12pm


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Free Community Kettle Bell HIIT

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