Eyla is a San Francisco native who grew up playing music and dancing with her father, famous jazz drummer Eddie Moore. Eyla's professional dance career began in 2005, when she started teaching with the Rhythm and Motion Dance Program after first being a student for four years. She then went on to San Francisco State University, where she received a BA in dance in 2008. Eyla became a certified Dunham Technique instructor in 2011, and a certified pilates instructor in 2014. In addition, she won the title of Queen of SF Carnaval 2011, and was the recipient of an Isadora Duncan Dance Award that same year. Eyla also performs locally and internationally with Cunamacue Afro-Peruvian Dance Company, based in Oakland. In her nine years as a Rhythm and Motion instructor, Eyla has developed a reputation as a fun, challenging, and silly teacher. Her love and passion for dance shine through in her classes, and her students always leave feeling like they got a fantastic cardio workout in a fun and non-competitive environment. Come join Eyla's new Rhythm and Motion classes at Truve; you'll be so happy that you did!