M.A. Transformative Art, John F. Kennedy University

B.A. Justice and Social Change, University of Michigan

Pilates Certification, 2007 Ellie Herman Studios

Yoga Training, 2007 Alice Joanou /Loka Yoga

Intrigued by the human body at a very early age, Caitlin has spent her life cultivating creativity through movement. She began as a dancer, and continued to develop her interest in movement and performance through college. She earned a bachelor's degree in Justice and Social Change from the University of Michigan, where she facilitated art workshops in inner-city high schools, detention centers, and prisons. Building on these experiences, she earned a master’s degree in transformative art from John F. Kennedy University, where she explored performance art and its impact on self-esteem and the body.

Upon graduating, Caitlin continued on her path of teaching movement. She became interested in physical therapy and rehabilitation while teaching, and this inspired her to study pilates and yoga. She has been teaching pilates and yoga for the past seven years, specializing in women’s health, athletic rehab, and running performance.