Born and raised in the Bay Area (Oakland), Ben has played baseball, run track, played football, run marathons, and completed obstacle races. Currently, Ben is training for a triathlon.

Ben has worked with 4th- and 5th-grade kids in an after-school program that emphasized fitness; programs and trips were designed specifically for the students' health and wellness.

In 2005, Ben realized that working in fitness full-time was his ultimate reward and the greatest service. Ben has now been in the fitness industry in different capacities for years, first as a personal trainer working for various gyms in the Bay Area, and now primarily as an instructor. While he is beginning to make his way back into personal training, it was two years into the start of his training career that a respected colleague suggested that his creative flare, infectious spirited energy, and exceptional gift to inspire make him perfect for a group exercise setting. From then on, he has dedicated much of himself to group fitness.

Starting his career with TRX and Bootcamps, he now spends his days and nights instructing both indoor cycling and bootcamps open to all age groups and fitness levels.


  • ACE Group Instructor
  • Schwinn Indoor Cycling Instructor
  • TRX Group Instructor