Mary Cobb

Mary Cobb is a STOTT PILATES certified instructor. She uses her platform as a pilates instructor to help a wide range of clients meet their fitness goals. From clients recovering from injuries, to athletes looking to gain more strength and flexibility, she loves putting together individualized instruction. 

Her classes are fun and accessible. She emphasizes mind/body awareness to help her clients take the Pilates principals she teaches outside of the classroom and into their everyday lives.

Mary was introduced to Pilates back in college where she found it to be a gateway from dance to strength training. After moving to Oakland, California she began intensive personal training. She found that incorporating her Pilates practice into her regular strength training workouts helped improve her recovery time and get more out of the high impact exercises without risking injury. Once she started teaching, she realized that the principals of alignment left a lasting impact on clients, affording them confidence in movement and a desire to work harder and go further with their fitness goals.  

You can follow Mary on Instagram at PilatesByMary

Truve practitioners love giving back to the community, and Mary offers a free pilates reformer class Tuesdays at 8:30am.


Pilates Reformer

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Private Pilates

Contact Mary at: or 404-272-1023 to set up an appointment for private pilates.