Luz Mayberg

Luz is a Family Law Attorney by day, Spin and Spin/Core instructor at night. On the weekends you will find her surfing.  Luz was introduced to Spin after she suffered several stress fractures in her feet and a knee injury. Spin allowed her to rehabilitate her injuries without high impact on her joints. She received her indoor cycling certification through Schwinn and was trained by the infamous Skip Jennings. 

Luz believes in making each class accessible to all fitness levels and teaches to beginners, intermediate riders and advance riders. Her passion is motivating others to reach their fitness goals while having fun! Her motto is, “Rise, grind, repeat!”

Benefits of Spin/Core: 
Great way to lose weight
Tones and builds muscles in your calves, thighs, buttocks, back and abs
Lowers risk of coronary heart disease
Safe exercise for people with joint conditions, leg injuries and hip injuries
Helps improve endurance
Helps manage depression and anxiety
(Plus you get to dance on your bike)



Mondays at 6:00pm