Kristarae Flores

VOLT Dance, Spin Core, Truvefit Camp, 30-20-10, Tires, Ropes, Bands

Kristarae is the creator of and lead trainer for VOLT, Truve's much loved cardio/sculpt dance class. She specializes in positive body image, weight loss, toning and conditioning. Along with teaching group exercise classes and personal training at Truve, she loves a good obstacle race, great food, and HBO. Kristarae's favorite artists to work out to are Jay-Z, DJ Snake hits, and Beyonce. Expect her to have a good playlist for any workout. Kristarae takes pride in training with a supportive and fun approach. 

Whether you want to build muscle, burn calories, or just lean out your body, her personalized training regime will help you achieve a wide range of fitness goals.

Truve practitioners love giving back to the community, and Kristarae volunteers with Oakland Promise.


Personal Training available by appointment

VOLT Dance

Mondays at 6pm

Wednesdays at 6pm

Saturdays at 11:00am

Tires, Ropes, Bands, Balls

Mondays at 7pm

Truvefit Camp

Mondays at 6am

Wednesdays at 6am

Spin Core

Wednesdays at 7am

Fridays at 7am


Fridays at 6am