Wet Workouts

When was the last time you were staying at a resort that offered aqua fitness classes? Usually it is some sort of aqua aerobics or Zumba class. You watch with amusement and embarrassment for the participants as they awkwardly move through the water doing what looks likes very little real exercise. Before you write all water exercise off as pointless, consider the benefits of the following new water fitness trends.


This variation of yoga often makes the practice more available to beginners, those with limitations, and injuries. The gentle support of the water allows many people the opportunity to discover ranges of motion that they might find inaccessible on land. Many people also find that there is a mind/body connection that they are able to identify as they work from pose to pose. 

Pilates In The Pool
Pilates is making a name for itself with younger fitness enthusiasts, professional athletes, and seniors alike. Pilates in the pool seems to be drawing attention from those very same groups who are looking for muscle conditioning exercises. Many Pilates classes in the pool use floating dumbbells or noodles to allow students to do many traditional Pilates moves such as plank. The instability of the water makes may exercises more challenging forcing students to pay extra attention to their breathing and posture. If you feel like you have a strong sense of core control and balance, give this class a try.


Standup Paddleboarding
Those fitness enthusiasts looking for a total body workout with a mindfulness component might enjoy standup paddleboarding. SUP is a great low impact form of exercise that uses all major muscle groups at one point or another.  One added bonus of over all improved strength from SUP is increased balance. While on the board small stabilizing muscles must constantly be contracting in order to keep you on your board. Becoming more balanced in the unstable water will make maintaining balance on land much easier.


Next time you get the opportunity to try one of these low impact workouts, give it a try. You might be surprised that they are more challenging than you think. 

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