Amanda Hough

Amanda is from Washington State, but moved to Maui, HI during her childhood. While living on island she grew a passion for outdoors and holistic healing properties. Having this outlook on life gave her an understanding of how powerful the human anatomy is. Pursuing her interests of the human anatomy and healing others, she moved back to Washington State to attend an eight hundred hour program at Denton Massage School in 2012, graduating in 2013.

After graduation, Amanda moved to the Bay Area where she became Spa Manager at Archimedes Banya, SF for two years. As her clientele continued to grow, she moved to the East Bay and begin her own private practice. 
Amanda's personal style is a fusion of Swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage. She combines these modalities to give each client a personalized massage tailored to their needs. Open communication about areas of discomfort and overall session goals are important to ensure that each client's needs are well met. 


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