Alex Nichols

I have loved martial arts, science, education, philosophy, and movement since I was a kid. I have always been aware that whatever I ended up focusing on in life would incorporate the best pieces I could find from each. Martial arts was the ball that got all this momentum rolling. I became fascinated with the nature of its physical and mental problem solving when I was very young. After my first major surgery as a young adult (and sadly not the last) I applied this same love of problem-solving to ferociously studying everything I could get my hands on about performance and rehabilitative training. I have had so many injuries through my years of competitive and recreational grappling, and through that, a tremendous amount of lackluster and frustrating care when it came to problem-solving injuries. Thus, my love for being able to train martial arts fueled my parallel passion for learning everything I could about mobility, strength, and endurance training. Knowing how active people like to be, and how frustrating it is when they can't be, or have been on the receiving end of poor treatment coming back from injuries and setbacks, I am deeply sympathetic and inspired to help people live the active lives they'd like.

When I'm not working with clients, attending workshops and seminars, or studying and reading on my own or with my brilliant colleagues, I am usually finding any reason to get outside and go trail running, hiking, backpacking, and hanging out with family and friends.

Alex Nichols, Owner, The Art Of Strong, Performance Coach

Guardian Gym Kinstretch and BJJ Instructor.


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