Deep Tissue Massage is designed to therapeutically target chronic tension and limited range of motion. Moderate to deep pressure is used to help alleviate pain, loosen the muscle tissues, and reduce stress.

Relaxation Massage is a classic Swedish massage that eases muscle tension, stimulates the skin, and soothes the nervous system, resulting in many health benefits.

Prenatal Massage is a perfect treatment for the mother-to-be. This gentle massage provides relaxation, reduces neck and back tension, relieves stress on weight-bearing joints, and helps to reduce edema (swelling).

60 minutes: $85-$100

90 minutes: $120-$150

120 minutes: $155-$185

The feeling of a professional massage after a hard workout makes my experience totally worth it. My muscles absolutely love coming here.

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Please book your session for $1 and pay your practitioner directly for your service. Full price massages vary by practitioner.

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