Jessica Sandow

TRX, 30-20-10, Spin Core, Truvefit Bootcamp

Jessica Sandow shares her passion and energy to empower you to go 'ALL IN'. She believes in having fun and enjoying the challenges you face to to achieve your goals. SHOW UP and she’ll pump you up so you can SHOW OUT.


New to fitness training with 3 years of experience, she has 15+ years motivating teams and individuals in professional environments. She also draws on her own personal experience having overcome both postpartum depression, which led to an unhealthy lifestyle. Before and after this challenge, she has a long history in both team and individual sports since the age of 5 training and competing in martial arts, tennis, volleyball, basketball, softball, power lifting, indoor cycling and crossfit. During her down time with her husband and two children, she loves to cook, dance and never goes a day without enjoying some form of chocolate.

What she wants for every client –

·         embrace inner strength

·         prioritize self-care and individual goals

·         believe in their own possibility

·         be honest 



Mondays at 6pm

Truvefit Camp

Mondays at 6am

Wednesdays at 6am


Mondays at 12:30pm

Mondays at 5pm*


Fridays at 6am