Eligio Ruiz

Eligio’s (El-e-he-o) road to being a bodyworker was spurred by his visit with a Shaman in 2007 who told him that he had an innate healing gift through bodywork. Overtime his heart absorbed the Shaman’s words like water to a parched plant, and he realized that his planned career as a linguistic cultural anthropologist was incompatible with bodywork. With this in mind, he enrolled at the Acupressure Institute/McKinnon Body Therapy Center in 2009 and experienced an affinity for deep tissue Thai and Japanese Matsunaga Shiatsu bodywork! 

However Eligio’s understanding and practice felt incomplete without having an understanding of Thai and Japanese culture. Because of this, he travelled to Japan to visit ancient Buddhist pilgrimage sites in 2010, and applied this spiritual base to his certification in Masunaga Shiatsu deep tissue bodywork from the Acupressure Institute/McKinnon Body Therapy Center in 2012. 

In 2011, he travelled to Thailand to get certified in Thai bodywork from the prestigious Wat Po Traditional Thai Medical School. 

After realizing his dream of living in Thailand and travelling throughout Southeast Asia for 9 months in 2014/2015, Eligio is ready to realize the Shaman’s words by carefully weaving deep tissue Thai and Masunaga Shiatsu bodywork at Truve!
In his spare time he marries his practice in Buddhist and Taoist philosophy and spirituality with his lifelong passion in sports in his blog taoofsports.com. This will launched this site in the Summer of 2015! Stay tuned!


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