Drew Van Zee

Essential Movements

Drew was raised in Oakland California and has spent most of his life here in the city. From the age of 13 he has had an interest in bodybuilding and sports medicine. Drew started lifting weights when he was 13 and trained friends throughout high school and college. Within the past two years he was certified as a personal trainer while going to school to become a physical therapist.


While working as a trainer Drew realized he could help a variety of people. In his experience thus far as a trainer he has moved away from focusing solely on bodybuilding and weightlifting and is now much more interested in corrective exercise and functional movement using a variety of modalities. Drew enjoys working with a diverse group of clients who have a range of goals. 



NASM certified personal trainer

NASM certified corrective exercise specialist

USAW sports performance coach


Personal training available by appointment

 Free Community Essential Movements

Mondays at 7am