Amy Fleury

TRX, Tires, Ropes, Bands, and Balls, Truvefit Bootcamp

Amy found her passion for the fitness industry after working at a hotel along the Boston Marathon finish line and deciding she would be one of those finishers the next year. After finishing the Boston Marathon in 2011, she became hooked on marathons and fitness in general. She became a Certified Personal Trainer from NASM in 2011. Amy has also recently become TRX Certified. Through learning about how the body can be safely trained to work to its optimal level, she has completed three marathons and countless other races. Her ultimate goal is to run a marathon on every continent while pursuing her passion for travel. Her favorite way to explore a new city is to take a long morning run before the rest of the city has woken up.  She also spends her free time volunteering at the East Bay SPCA helping shelter dogs get adopted. Amy loves helping people work towards and achieve their fitness goals!


Tires, Ropes, Bands and Balls

Mondays at 7pm

Wednesdays at 6 & 7pm

Truvefit Camp

Mondays at 7am

Wednesdays at 6am

TRX Suspension Sculpt & Bootcamp*

Mondays at 5pm

Thursdays at 6pm*

Saturday at 10am*